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GleeVanity Fair has issued an apology after one of its writers, gay columnist Brett Berk, used the word ‘fags’ in an article about US comedy drama Glee.



Berk said of the programme: “Nice singing. But how can having girls in the audience make these cartwheeling, foam-party fags straight-sexy?”

Responding to the outcry which followed his comments, Vanity Fair posted a statement on its website which said: “With so many genuine homophobes stirring up trouble these days, the gay community doesn’t need any agita from an ally like, so we are eager to set the record straight about the use of the word ‘fags’ in Brett Berk’s latest ‘Gay Guide to Glee’ column Brett, who has repeatedly referred to himself as’s ‘fun and faggy editor’ (a title the editors have declined to endorse), writes from a humorous and explicitly gay perspective, and his invocation of this complicated word was meant to critique the notion that the gay characters of Glee should feel obliged to ‘play straight’ on stage. That said, we recognize that the column caused genuine offense to many readers, and we apologize unreservedly to them.”

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