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Police are investigating a burglary at the LGBT Center of Central Pennsylvania.

Executive Director Louie Marven learned of the crime Friday morning, after police called to alert him. A passerby had reported the broken glass to police a short time earlier.

Someone had tossed a cinderblock through the glass front door of the LGBT Center in Harrisburg.

According to reports, a donation bin with a small amount of cash was stolen.

“Regardless of intent, it still has an impact of our community space being violated,” Marven said. “The center is a symbol of safety and welcoming. We want people to continue to feel safe and welcome here. This isn’t going to slow us down.”

In a Facebook post discussing the vandalism the Center said:

Overnight, someone smashed the glass window to the front door of the LGBT Center of Central PA office in Harrisburg, entered, took a donation bin with a small amount of cash, and left. No one was in the Center at the time. Harrisburg police are investigating the incident. As we work on moving forward from this disruptive act, the LGBT Center remains open, welcoming, safe, and steadfast in its mission to create common ground for the LGBT community and its allies by providing services through educational, cultural, and community activities that foster wholeness. In turn, the leaders of the LGBT Center and its board of directors appreciate the community’s continued support of our goals. For more information about the LGBT Center at 1306 N. 3rd St., Harrisburg, and the communities we serve, please visit

The investigation continues.


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