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Victoria_Uni_UgandaA UK university has suspended accreditation for courses at a Ugandan university, in response to proposed legislation against homosexuality in the east African country.

The University of Buckingham says it will no longer validate courses at Victoria University in Kampala.

According to the BBC, the private UK university took the decision after it raised concerns about a proposed anti-gay bill in Uganda. Buckingham says it will make “viable arrangements” for existing students. It has also settled with Edulink, the Dubai-based owners of Victoria University.

The Victoria University Chancellor Prof. Apolo Nsibambi said academic work at the university continues. It has only lost affiliation to the University of Burkingham, Nsibambi told Uganda’s New Vision.

“Nsibambi said the University of Buckingham (UB) wanted Victoria University to include a clause in its statute, stating that no person will be discriminated on basis of “sex orientation” among others.

“But in view of the fact that the Constitution and Penal Code prohibits same-sex marriages and homosexuality, Victoria University could not do as the UB wanted. Consequently, UB suspended the affiliation of Victoria University,” New Vision reported.

Homosexual behaviours are already illegal in Uganda, but a controversial proposed bill would increase the penalties, including a life sentence in certain circumstances.

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