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UgandasmallThe Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill was expected to have been voted on today, but does not appear in the order papers for the current parliamentary session.

Today was the final scheduled session of Uganda’s eighth parliament, with the president due to be sworn in again after his re-election tomorrow. However, campaigners fear that the bill may be discussed in the next session, as it is still at the committee stage. It is not clear if the bill can simply be presented again, or if a new bill will need to be put before the new parliament.

The bill calls for the death penalty for ‘aggravated homosexuality’. The term is being used within the bill to cover ‘offences’ which involve: HIV-positive individuals engaging in same-sex relations; individuals having same-sex relations with disabled people or minors; and ‘repeat offenders’.

Online petitions against the bill have gathered 1.4 million signatures.

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