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A gay love triangle is about to hit the cast from cult hit show Glee, with the introduction of a new ‘villain’ to the cast.

The main openly-gay character, Kurt Hummel, played by Chris Colfer found love with Blaine Anderson from a rival school in the previous season, but now their relationship is set to hit a rocky road with the introduction of new boy Sebastian, played by Grant Gustin, who takes a shine to Blaine.

Glee has been praised for its portrayal of homosexuals and its gay storylines, and Chris Colfer’s portrayal of Kurt, earned him a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor.

New cast member Gustin told the Hollywood Reporter: “It’s going to show these two aren’t together because they’re the only two gay characters.”

“We don’t really know yet if I’m going to split them up yet, but this is ending their honeymoon phase and making them more like the rest of the couples on the show.”

Glee is currently in its third season.

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