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Today Extra host Sonia Kruger has referred to a scholarship for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender children as ‘reverse discrimination’.

Kruger was responding to news the ABCN was for the first time this year quizzing year 10 students about their sexual and gender identity as part of a scholarship that awarded financial or mentoring assistance.

The television host, who recently caused controversy by saying Australia should stop all Muslim immigration, said she found it ‘odd’ to ask Year 10 students about their sexual preferences.

Scholarships are valued at $7000 over three years and are designed to provide “financial and mentoring scholarships to exceptional students facing economic, family or social challenges which impact on their study or capacity to pursue their desired tertiary pathways.”

The move, which has sparked concerns about the creeping influence of LGBTI rights activism in schools, is backed by corporate heavyweights including Microsoft and Optus.

Kruger told the Today show she found it “odd” to ask Year 10 students about their sexual preferences.

“I don’t think it should have anything to do with the awarding of a scholarship. I think scholarships should be given on merit,” Kruger said.

Co-host David Campbell disagreed with Kruger’s perspective, saying scholarships were designed to address inequality and target minority groups.

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