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If you’re planning on getting dressed up this Halloween, then sexual wellness brand LELO UK has some insider advice…be sure to stash the costume for later! 

It’s official, Brits love role-play. In fact, according to research conducted by LELO UK, 84% admit to using role-play to spice up their sex lives.

And when it comes to developing our bedroom alter ego’s, 28% of Brits actually like to take the process one step further by making their own DIY costumes, citing the enjoyment of the entire transformation of becoming somebody else.

The survey of 2,000 participants also revealed that 90% of Brits like to incorporate sex toys and sex acessories into their role-play routine, with another 50% saying they get especially riled up while watching role-play porn.  

And for singletons or lovers in different households this year, it’s safe to say the no.1 bedroom accessory has to be none other than the face mask… but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it.

LELO’s UK Sex and Relationship expert Kate Moyle explains: “You can use the mask playfully as a part of a theme, outfit or character play and incorporate it into the sexual experience rather than it being the standout feature. Kate continues, “Incorporating it into an outfit/role-play can make it feel like a funner and more playful way of introducing it into the bedroom space.”


But when deciding on a theme, be sure to keep your partner well-briefed, as  30% of respondents want to know their character in advance. In this particular instance, surprise does not add to suspense. Rather, Brits, like most actors, want the chance to get well equipped for their role ahead of the opening act…if you catch our drift. 

This comes as no surprise considering 35% of Brits say that foreplay is the most important aspect in their sex lives, with another 58% explaining that they like to (v)amp up foreplay for special occasions. 

So if you’re undecided on heading out for a curfew controlled celebration of the night this year, why not stay home for some adult inspired trick or treat…

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