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Catrina_BestA transgender woman is planning to undergo sex change surgery to look like One Direction star Harry Styles.

Catrina Best, who lives in Portugal but was born in Northern Ireland, has already started wearing the same Calvin Klein underpants sported by Styles, and copying his trademark floppy hair.

Best, 20, who has been diagnosed as transgender, told Closer magazine that “dressing as Harry made me feel confident, so I copied his hair too. I spend 30 minutes every day perfecting the “Harry look”.

The law student admitted that she has felt different since the age of five and continued to struggle with her identity as a teenager in later years, often leading to depression.

“I didn’t fancy boys but felt confused. I later realised I wanted to be with girls but as the male in a straight relationship,” she said.

Best believes that “Harry’s the perfect boy and I think I’m a good lookalike. I love the attention I get from girls.”

However, she is now saving up for the operation and intends to take hormones that will give her facial hair and deepen her voice. She is even hoping to bag a girlfriend after the surgery.

“People say my bone structure, eyes and lips are almost identical to Harry’s. I haven’t started dating yet but girls flirt with me and I even get chatted up by older women, like Harry does. But I want to have my op before I date”.

Hopefully, Best won’t be taking dating tips and advices from Styles. Recently, the 18-year-old singer has admitted that he was terrified the first time he had sex and was convinced his partner was pregnant afterwards.

“The first time I had sex, I was scared I got the girl pregnant,” the teen confessed, adding, “And that was despite the fact we were safe. Luckily, we were fine. I would never risk not wearing a condom. It’s too much of a risk… If you’re not ready for a child, then don’t risk it.”

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3 thoughts on “Transgender woman plans for Harry Styles look after her transition”

  1. Hi, I noticed you misgendered the subject of this article throughout the entire thing. I know this article is old but I just found it and it should be changed. The terms “sex-change” and “diagnosed as transgender” are outdated as well. Instead, try “gender affirming surgery” and “came out as transgender”. I really feel like I shouldn’t be correcting an LGBT magazine on this, it’s honestly embarrassing.

  2. How the hell are you guys an LGBTQ magazine and yet you: refer to the subject as a “transgender woman” when he’s a trans man, misgender him through the WHOLE ARTICLE, say he was “diagnosed as transgender” and use extremely outdated language that’s at best, insulting? This is one of the FIRST results that comes up if you Google “harry styles gender” and it is NOT something I’d want anyone to read if they were just trying to figure out stuff about harry styles’ gender expression. I recommend either editing this article or taking it down completely.

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