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New Zealand weightlifting has selected a transgender athlete for this month’s Australian International.

Weightlifting officials told the Herald that Laurel Hubbard will be competing in the 90kg+ female category at the event and is in line for selection for the NZ team for next year’s Commonwealth Games.

President of Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand, Garry Marshall, said he believed Hubbard had “huge advantages” over her rivals.

“She competed for a long time as a man and her efforts were very strong. That strength has remained with her despite reduced testosterone.

“That point is not recognised by the science and some of our competitors would say that’s not fair.”

Fellow team mate Bailey Lovett is proud to be competing alongside the country’s first transgender weightlifter.

“We do understand there’s a fair-play issue here, but Olympic Weightlifting NZ has to abide by the rules of the higher body,” Lovett said.


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