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Another murder of a black transgender women has been recorded in America, with the shooting of Mia Green, 29, of Philadelphia. Almost all the 29 trans people murdered in America this year have been black or Latino.

Police in Philadelphia have arrested taxi driver, Abdullah Ibn El-Amin Jaamia, 28, on suspicion of Green’s murder, who was pronounced dead on arrival at a Philadelphia hospital on Monday 28th September. 

A spokesperson for Philadelphia’s Office of LGBT Affairs said, “This latest act of violence against a member of our community is a somber reminder of the epidemic of violence against trans individuals.

“It is a crisis that cannot be allowed to persist any further. The countless painful losses experienced during this year alone — especially within our transgender communities of color — remind us that there is much work to be done in the pursuit of full equality, respect, and justice for us all.”

Deja Lynn Alvarez, a Philadelphia trans activist, told The Philadelphia Inquirer she did not know Green but termed her death “heartbreaking and infuriating.”

“When is society going to realize that our deaths are because of the stigma that they attach to us?” Alvarez said. “They keep wanting to blame it on us as trans people, but we’re not the ones putting out hate, stigma, and bigotry. It’s society. I don’t deserve to be murdered because of who I am.”

Meanwhile, in Louisiana, police have arrested a 16 year old on suspicion of the murder of Kee Sam, a black transgender woman who was shot in her hotel room on 12th August and who died the following day in hospital.

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