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Do you dread the return to work every morning, even though you’re good at your job? Are you constantly trying to avoid office conflicts? You might be working in a toxic workplace. 

Unfortunately, toxic work environments still reign supreme despite the Great Resignation setting roots globally. The Great Resignation refers to the new immense and growing number of employees wilfully resigning due to unfair treatment, worker exploitation, and other problematic toxic work culture reasons. 

As younger generations are pushing for change in terms of workplace culture, it’s essential to know the signs of a toxic work environment. Reporting these offences will lend a hand in eliminating this kind of behaviour, and you are likely entitled to compensation as well. 

If you note any of these signs of toxicity in your workplace, it’s wise to consult a lawyer. Workers in Kansas City due compensation can seek legal counsel to assist with the process of claiming. 

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a long-standing issue in the corporate world, and reporting such offences is fundamental to mitigating the problem. If you are subject to sexual harassment at work, you must record the violations, gather evidence, file an internal complaint, and then seek legal representation to demand change. 

Workplace harassment shows itself in various forms, although sexual harassment is, unfortunately, the more prominent form. 

Lack of diversity

A lack of diversity in a workplace is a major red flag; this signals that the company culture likely restricts opportunities based on discriminatory reasons. If you are being denied growth opportunities, find that you are paid less, or treated differently because of your race, gender, age, disability, or LGBTQ+ status, you must bring this to light with an employment attorney. 

Unpaid wages

There’s hardly anything more frustrating than putting your best foot forward at work, only to find yourself receiving no salary or only a portion of your salary at the end of the month. Unfortunately, this is a prevalent instance that many employees struggle to deal with. 

If your employer owes you any fraction of your income and is not budging on a payment arrangement or plan, you must consult an employment lawyer right away. 

Fraudulent activity

Another blatant sign of toxicity in a workplace is the presence of illegal activity. If you’ve noticed any fraudulent activity in your workplace, you must report these offences internally through your company’s whistleblower policy. If no action is taken after filing a report, you must consult an employment lawyer.

Whistleblowers are typically entitled to compensation, and your information will help bring justice to your workplace, which may even save the future of the organization. 

Mockery and bullying

Mockery, bullying, and teasing might not seem like a good enough reason to consult a lawyer. However, this type of behaviour will degrade the mental wellbeing of an employee, and it’s against the law for employees to endure such treatment. You must take action, even if it’s your boss that’s the workplace bully

There’s no doubt that toxic work environments need to be abolished. Reporting instances of abuse, harassment, and other examples of workplace hostility is the best way to help eliminate this problem; as more employees start to take a stand, workplace culture standards are changing for the better. 

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