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canadianflagThe Toronto trans community has paid tribute to a Canadian transgender community leader who killed himself last week.

Kyle Scanlon, the education, training, and research coordinator at the 519 Community Centre in Toronto which addresses the needs of Toronto’s trans community, committed suicide on July 3 at his home.

Scanlon had suffered long-term chronic depression, reported the Torontoist.

His friend Alaina Hardie told the newspaper: “Kyle knew what needed to be done when it came to social justice, and he did it.

“He didn’t seek accolades, and was happy to be either right on the front line or helping quietly in the background, with really no thought given to being recognised. He was selfless to an extent you rarely see. He just wanted to get the work done.”

Toronto’s Trans PULSE project said in a statement: “For the past ten years, Kyle worked at The 519 Church Street Community Centre, first as the Trans Programs Coordinator and then as the Education, Training, and Research Coordinator.

“In these roles, Kyle trained thousands of service providers around the province to make their services accessible to trans people…He served on countless boards and committees, and despite his many responsibilities, he responded with an open heart to the needs of members of the trans community on a daily basis.”

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