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Dating is a daunting prospect at the best of times. Opening yourself up to someone and being vulnerable on a number of levels is not something that comes easy. Add into the equation the lack of social interactions we have endured throughout the pandemic, and the prospect of dating seems almost impossible. How do we socialise with a prospective partner? It is definitely an emotional rollercoaster and poses a multitude of obstacles. 

It is no secret that members of the LGBTQ community are disadvantaged significantly in several areas of life. This includes in the dating scene, for there are several taboo subjects surrounding dating as someone in the community. It is not easy, and we can recognise how this may be a daunting situation to be in and the emotions that it might cause. 

With thousands of LGBTQ people experiencing struggles with their mental health, there is a highlighted need for resources and guidance when navigating this aspect of the world. Experiencing a fear of rejection is commonplace throughout the LGBTQ community. This undoubtedly throws a spanner in the works when wanting to put yourself out there amongst the dating world.

Suppose you are in the position where you are considering taking the jump into the dating pool; you have found yourself in the right place at the right time. Detailed right here in this piece, you will find some dating tips for a post-pandemic world. No matter how you identify, we feel confident you will find something of value here and are in a safe and accepting environment. 

Exploring Dating Apps.

We have all heard about the likes of Tinder and Bumble. Technology has revolutionised the dating world and allowed us to develop a relationship and communicate with someone before meeting them in person. Using these as a stepping stone into the dating world gives you some idea of the types of people who are also looking to date. 

Consider using dating apps as a means of boosting your confidence when it comes to dating, mainly if you have not been in the dating pool for some time. Talking to other people and getting a feel for the dating world will give you a better idea of what you are looking for moving forward. 

At the same time, it is crucial you put boundaries in place from the word go to ensure your ongoing and continued safety while exploring the dating world. This takes us to the following section. 

Keep Yourself Safe.

No matter what gender or sexuality you identify with, you must do what you can at all times to ensure you are as safe as you can be. While there is nothing to say you won’t be safe in your dating efforts and would take the necessary precautions, it is still a critical element of dating that we felt was worth mentioning. 

When going on a date, organise to meet the other person in a public setting. Inform any family members or friends about where you are going, and give a rough estimation on time. You could even consider sharing your live location through Find My Friends and other associated software apps. To some people, this might seem unnecessary and over the top, but your safety is paramount. 

Explore Your Options.

While some people reading this will have an idea of what they want from the dating world, others will be dumbfounded and have no idea what they are searching for. Curious people and those who wish to explore their sexuality in the post-pandemic world might find themselves unsure where to start, mainly if it is uncharted territory. 

Much like when using dating apps on your phone, you could consider using the services of established organisations to test the waters with other people. Adult Seek and other reputable forums offer curious individuals the opportunity to explore their sexuality in a safe environment with other people in the same position. Dating people of the same sex can be daunting if this is your first time, and that is why practice makes perfect, after all! 

Recognise Your Emotions.

Understandably, this is going to be an emotional time for you. Exploring the dating world is going to be nerve-wracking at the best of times. Doing what you can to recognise the emotions you are experiencing and caring for yourself emotionally during this time will go a long way. 

Relating to the boundaries you are putting in place, consider restricting how many dates you are going on in a period of time. Not only does this protect your well-being, but it also minimises how many people you are coming into contact with; ideal if you are apprehensive about catching Covid-19 during a time when variants are still floating around

While this article has only detailed a few helpful dating tips, we hope it has provided you with insight into this part of the world. Whether you are entirely new to the LGBTQ dating scene or are making your way back in, we feel confident you will soon find your feet! 

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