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Thousands of people have marched in Paris, this afternoon, demanding the repeal of a law which allowed same-sex marriage.

The demonstration comes just six months before the next French presidential election.

It was organizated by ManifpourTous, a group comprising of citizens opposed to same-sex marriage. Although they have been relatively quiet over the past couple of years, organizers say that they have become active again to put pressure on candidates in the presidential elections.

The protesters gathered at the Porte de Dauphine on the western edge of Paris and marched slowly to the Place du Trocadéro in the centre of Paris. They held signs with slogans such “A father and a mother  – it’s hereditary” as they made their way towards the concourse in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Police said up to 24,000 people took part while organisers put the number far higher.

None of the major candidates in the election attended the march.

Deep divisions were exposed in French society after the 2013 law allowing gay marriage, prompting considerable protests for and against such unions.


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