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brighton_prideLocals have voted ‘The United Colours of Pride’ as the theme of the city’s September 1st celebrations.

A competition launched in the Argus newspaper in March asked readers to suggest themes.

‘United Colours of Pride’ has a political edge, raising awareness of countries where LGBT people still face discrimination, without detracting from the carnival atmosphere and the vibrant colours of the parade.

The theme is seen as an important step harking back to Pride’s grassroot beginnings, while celebrating the triumphs of the LGBT community over the years.

A new community interest group, Pride in Brighton and Hove has taken over organisation of the event.

Pride Director, Trevor Edwards, said: “We are amazed at the response this competition has received; as you know we would have been happy with either of the choices, but I think United Colours of Pride will be a fantastic theme for the September 1 event. It reflects the evolving attitude towards this year’s festival by remembering the more political side of the Pride movement, whilst reaching out to our community- which is integral to its existence. Rainbow colours have long been a symbol of gay pride ever since San Francisco’s Pride in 1978; we have them in our logo and now it’s time to take them to the streets.”

He added: “The theme celebrates not only the legacy of Pride up to its status today, but also looks forward to what we can achieve in the future, and asserts our joint wish to return the movement to its community roots. Saturday 1 September it is then, I think we’ll see a blaze of colour representing every element of our community, both here in Brighton & Hove and from around the world.”


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