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Everyone has a certain odour about them, and I am not talking about being smelly or unwashed. You may have noticed this when meeting someone really attractive, when you get close something about their scent puts you off. Equally, people may not have caught your attention, but when you get close, something about their body chemistry seems to attract you. When you find both, you are definitely onto a winner.

You can sleep in the sheets with someone and their scent holds on to you, so much so you never want to let go, it’s that wonderful, it’s like of bathing in a scent of love. Also perfumes and colognes can bring memories flooding back. For me, the smell of someone wearing Old Spice or Blue Water instantly makes me uneasy due to unpleasant past experiences, while Kouros seems to give me an allergic reaction, making me sneeze until I am blue in the face.

Much as I love the smell of simple clean soap and masculinity, with the best will in the world, even with the best deodorant, a little help from a subtle cologne or aftershave can not only be enticing but will have him or her thinking about you every time they get a sniff the scent.

For many years, my cologne of choice was the classic Green Armani, or the sensual Jean Paul Gautier and the delectable men’s Angel by Thierry Mugler. However, I always seemed to return to Armani because the clean, fresh citrus scent made me feel positive and alert. It stayed that way for a great number of years until a friend who works at Peter Jones perfume counter gave me a sample of Aventus by Creed, A (“from”) ventus (“the wind”), illustrating the Aventus man as destined to live a driven life, ever galloping with the wind at his back toward success. Aventus is a sophisticated blend for individuals who savor a life well-lived. “The men are queuing up for this”, she said. Apparently, the scent was inspired by a historic emperor, celebrating strength and power. Created by master perfumer Oliver Creed, it is the best-selling fragrance of his highly successful brand.

What harm could one dab do? I fell in love with the scent instantly. An hour later, on a train to Brighton, the cologne seemed to be getting more potent. Right away a friend asked what fragrance I was wearing, mentioning, ‘’it’s very sexy’’, and she wanted it for her husband. The affect continued to attract comments. But, alas, the fancy fragrance appeal came to an end as soon as the tiny sample ran out. I felt like I was turning into a perfume addict…Creed was my addiction of choice. So, I was on the phone as soon as possible to my friend, as I decided to purchase the bottle, only to be very shocked when I was told the price, quite a few hundred pounds and at the time! Now that was more of a luxury than a necessity and I thought “how could I justify such extravagance?’’

However, I had clearly tried the ‘’phenomenon in its own right’’of perfumes; It was not long until Christmas and of course I was hoping for some to be in my santa sack, but oh if only I had used it for special occasions and made it last longer, but how long can a 10 ml sample last!  The reaction when I was wearing it was just wonderful, people would continually ask me “What cologne do you have on? it was a complete attention magnet and also it was a bit like walking an ultra cute puppy…people would just double look, stop and chat.

I have never heard good reports of colognes using pheromones that claim to attract the opposite sex, but there was no evidence of Creed containing pheromones. Pheromones are chemicals that act like hormones outside the body of the secreting individual and they can impact on the behaviour of receiving individuals. They include sex pheromones and many others that affect behaviour or physiology. It is also said that you can laugh someone into bed. Laughter does release hormones, such as endorphins. It is fair to say that chemistry plays a big part in the game of attraction.

Needless to say, my love affair with Creed continues, although I have managed to keep my use to very special occasions to make mine last. Until recently that is! A friend of mine gave me a new luxury and exclusive fragrance, ‘’Phenomenal Chemistry’’ The Art of Attraction by Jordan Belfort. It came packaged in two stunning bottles. The chemistry created when you mix the two bottles causes the attraction.

First of all, this scent is created by Jordan Belfort, the man who gave us the book The Wolf of Wall Street, who can teach you how to sell by not selling. One could say he gave the Emperor his new clothes and paid the price, spending time in jail for it. He is now a motivational speaker, teaching the act of persuasion and how to bounce back from devastating set-backs.

He has certainly persuaded many in the past to buy into a vision and he became a hero in many people’s eyes through his determination and passion to never give up. Although it is clear that addiction almost ruined his life, somehow Jordan has come out smelling of roses, which he could probably sell as well!

So, is his new cologne just the Emperor’s new clothes of cologne? No! It is absolutely   It  is really good claims to emulate and enhance your very own aura, amplifying your personal magnetism and intensifying the art of attraction. As much as it smells divine, there is a lot more than meets the smell.

One reviewer said, Absolutely love the effect of layering these two fragrances – you have to try it to believe it…
amazing, compelling & alluring, I don’t know how they did it, but these are incredible.”

If you feel that you have the power of attraction and magnetism, then there is good chance that you will attract others. Ultimately, Belfort is all about what you can persuade others and what you aspire to be.

For me, this fragrance smelt as wonderful as my preferred Creed, and as the same with Aventus as Phenomenal Chemistry there were very strong reactions to it. While I can’t say that people are throwing themselves at me just yet, comments of “Gosh, you smell AMAZING” seem to follow me.

The image of sex has sold fragrances and fashion all over the world. Tom Ford Obre leather uses homoerotic cowboy images, Calvin Klein billboards are as famous as their products, and Jean Paul Gaultier iconic bottles have adorned many a sideboard as much for its style as its fragrance.

So, if a product smells as alluring as Jordan Belfort’s fragrance then it is sure to be the gift for many people and even a luxurious treat for yourself. It is not going to break the bank and there is something a little naughty about knowing you have a bit of the wolf on you.

This article also appears in the November issue of Milli-on-Air magazine

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Steven Smith

4 thoughts on “The scent of a wolf. Why your perfume matters”

  1. Amazing write up. I love the way Steven thinks and writes, he has a unique style that titillates your curiosity.

  2. Interesting. Back in the day, I bought Mugler’s Amen and Gaultier’s Le Male. After a couple of disappointing customer service experiences I vowed never to buy Mugler again, and went in search of a new fragrance. However, when I tried Creed, I was massively underwhelmed. I obviously can’t smell whatever synthetic aromachemical Creed use to make Aventus so popular, because it smells awful to me. I agree somewhat with Persolaise, when he says ‘if you wanted an olfactory explanation of the word ‘crude’ it would be this’. He goes on to say ‘it is so simplistic and so unconvincing…’

    So I think it’s fair to say there’s no point in my trying Phenomenal Chemistry.

    Reviewers used to rave about Molecule 01, making all kinds of ridiculous claims about it. I can’t smell it at all. Vice even says “The best part about it is that the wearer often can’t smell it on themselves”. What is so great about a fragrance you can’t smell? I wear fragrance to please myself, not others.

    Fortunately most people know better than to buy me fragrance as a gift, but if anyone was stupid enough to gift me a bottle of anything Creed, I’d thank them, then run to ebay to sell it.

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