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SPM Group are launching a new multi-identity initiative addressing the needs of lesbians and bisexual women in the workplace – an area that there is a need for more research and support.

The organisers of the successful British LGBT Awards saw only 8% nominations from lesbian and bisexual women, they want to know why…

They are asking for your help to get responses to the Work Survey: The survey takes just two minutes to complete and can be completely anonymous.

It will give fresh insight into the obstacles faced and help give critical support to a demographic that faces unique challenges.

Based on an initial round table discussion, they are running a survey to look at the following:

– 62% of graduates go back into closet at work. How does this translate for lesbians and bisexual women?
– Are there enough senior out women as role models?
– What are the unique challenges lesbians and bisexual women face at work?
– What additional support can we (SPM Group) offer?

Sarah Garrett, CEO and Founder of SPM Group said: “It’s critical we get feedback to be able to publish findings and evaluate next steps in offering support.”

To fill in the 2-minute survey visit

Survey closes 10 June 2016.


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