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250px-KraysBoth Kray twins were gay and “brainless”, former gangland leader Eddie Richardson told Daily Mail writer Jane Fryer today.


Mr Richardson, who was once dubbed one of the most dangerous men in Britain, made the claims during a ‘nostalgia lunch date’, where people pay £300 for a fish and chips lunch with Mr Richardson to hear stories about his life of organised crime. He was sentenced to a total of 46 years in prison in 1991 amid rumours of torture, drug dealing, protection and exhortion deals, all fronted by his cover of a scrap metal business.

He described Ronald and Reggie Kray as “both gay and both brainless of Britain”, noting that “Reggies used to get the Times every day, but never once opened it”. The outing of both Kray brothers will come as a surprise to those who believed only Ronald Kray was gay.

The lunch-date service is provided by niche website Gangland Memorabilia, for fans of the criminal world of the 1960s. Also on offer is the radio Ronnie Kray used in prison and ‘Mad’ Frankie Fraser’s autographed U.S. dollar note.

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