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Ellen Degeneres has revealed that The Ellen DeGeneres Show will be aired in the UK.

The US talk show host and famed comedian announced the news on Twitter to her 52.4 million followers, writing:

“We got Elley on the Telly! I’ll see you on @ITV2, UK. #GetElleyOnTheTelly”

The star, whose show attracts major celebrities, admitted that she’s been trying to get onto British television for years.

“After what feels like decades of campaigning I’m so excited that my show is on ITV2.

“I can literally feel my crumpets tingling down in my cockles.”

ITV2 confirmed to BBC’s Newsbeat that the show will begin broadcasting on Monday 18 January at 1:45pm and will ait every day, kicking off with brand new episodes aired in the US.

Highlights from the most recent series which has seen a host of Hollywood A listers pop by include the cast of Star Wars talking about their latest worldwide movie sensation, Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton and popular returning guest Justin Bieber revealing all to Ellen.

During its 12 years on air in the USA, The Ellen Show has won 55 daytime Emmys, including nine for outstanding daytime talk show.

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