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School_BlackboardA teacher in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania claims her son was suspended from school for being gay and she was fired for supporting him.

Sharon Wright, a teacher at Covenant Christian Academy in Pennsylvania’s capital city is accusing the administration of suspending her son for being gay and firing her for not forcing him to renounce the “sin,” Courthouse News Service reports.

In the 30-page lawsuit, Wright claims that after her son, a high school senior, announced that he was gay on an online blog, school Headmaster Joseph Sanelli told the family their son should remain at home until a meeting could be arranged.

During the meeting with the headmaster and other administrators, Wright claims she was told her son would be “permanently suspended from school” until he “renounced his sin” and claims a school board member said there was something wrong with the high school student, reported the Huffington Post.

“Your son is broken,” Raynor said, according to the complaint. “And it’s your job to fix him.”

Wright says she and her husband advised the school and its leaders that “after consultation with various psychiatric, psychological and pediatric professionals they had come to the conclusion that their son’s sexual orientation was already determined, that it would be potentially harmful to try to ‘reprogram’ him, that they had decided their best course of action was to support him and love him for who he is, and that they could not agree that homosexuality is a sin.”

Wright claims she endured harassment throughout the rest of the school year, leading her to develop anxiety and depression. The Covenant Christian Academy told her to ‘take a year to heal’, then did not renew her contract.

White seeks an injunction, back pay, benefits, reinstatement or front pay, and punitive damages for disability discrimination, failure to accommodate, ADA violations, and violations of the Pennsylvania Human Rights Act and Human Relations Act.

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