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A teacher at an Irish primary school has been awarded compensation after her employer made homophobic comments about her gay son.

An Equality Tribunal has ruled in favour of a learning support teacher, who took a case against the the head of a Church of Ireland primary school, claiming that she was discriminated against because her son is gay and not a fully practising teacher.

According to The Journal, the teacher said the problems began when the head of her school remarked that a “normal boy” would not spend the afternoon shopping for clothes. She says that the comments towards her son continued in a homophobic vein throughout her employment, even stating that her religious employer did not “believe that her son should be allowed to express his sexuality” and went on to criticise her parenting skills, saying she should force her son to act and dress in “a normal way.”

The head later questioned what kind of mother she was to “have a son like that.”

The mother was awarded €3,000 (£2,200), while all staff and members of the board of management at the school were ordered to participate in training on equality, discrimination and harassment.

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