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Crowd-funded digital bank Tandem is sponsoring the Diva Women’s Stage VIP area in Leicester Square on Pride day, hosting headliners in the VIP tent and hitting the parade to show their support

Tandem Bank today announces that it is coming together with partners at Pride in London on 7th July. CEO Ricky Knox will be participating in the parade alongside the rest of the Tandem office in full Pride regalia to show their support the LGBTQ+ community.

Tandem will be sponsoring the VIP area at the DIVA Women’s Stage in Leicester Square on Pride in London Day, which is home to a whole host of artists which are set to take to stage to wow the crowds. There’s an impressive line-up for this year’s DIVA Women’s Stage including singer- songwriter Lots Holloway, a Tandem Ambassador. In addition, Tandem employees will take to the streets to embrace the celebrations in their flirtatious Come Together attire.

Tandem was built with the help of 11,000 co-founders and are now sharing their ‘life rich’ customer-driven services with people across the UK. Their app, card and savings accounts are designed to help people spend less time worrying about money and more time enjoying life.

Ricky Knox says, “The team at Tandem are very excited to celebrate our first year of partnership with Pride, this is a huge milestone in our business being able to support a globally recognised event and movement. Our team will be proudly marching at the event and we are looking forward to building this partnership into the future.”

Tandem has partnered with two spokespeople who will be participating in the “Come Together” campaign: Gemma Oaten, ex-Emmerdale star and vocal supporter of LGBTQ+ issues, and up and coming singer and multi-instrumentalist Lots Holloway, who is performing on the Tandem sponsored DIVA Women’s Stage at London Pride.

Gemma Oaten: “It’s all about girl power this year.”

Come Together Ambassador Gemma Oaten says, “It’s really amazing to see start up companies like Tandem Bank getting behind initiatives like this. It really says a lot about where we are with equality right now. London Pride is one of the flagship Pride events internationally, it’s my fourth year marching in the parade and hanging out at the DIVA stage watching some inspiring female role models taking to the stage. It’s all about girl power this year.”

Lots Holloway: “Super-psyched to be performing.”

Come Together Ambassador Lots Holloway says, “I think it’s awesome that Tandem have partnered with Pride and DIVA this year – I’m super psyched to perform to the crowds of Leicester Square but mostly excited to have a wicked day at Pride – it’s one of the happiest days in London.”

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