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 Tammy_BaldwinTammy Baldwin made history yesterday by being sworn in as the first gay member of the United States Senate.

She joined 11 other Senators being sworn in following the general election last November.

Afterward, she participated in her first Senate roll call before heading over to the Russell Senate Office Building to greet friends and supporters who had witnessed the swearing in on a monitor.

“This is an unbelievable moment for me,” Baldwin said in a packed reception room, “and I’m so humbled to be able to thank everyone who’s here in person.

“I’m proud to have the honour of being sworn in as the first woman from the state of Wisconsin and as the first openly gay member to serve in the United States Senate in our nation’s history.”

Then, she repeated what has become almost a slogan from her campaign: “I did not run to make history; I ran to make a difference.”

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