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A new documentary from Bristol-based filmmakers Tusko explores the history of the LGBT+ movement. 

The film covers the past and current experiences of individuals and the wider LGBT+ community, including the challenges they have faced to simply be who they are, and to be empowered to celebrate that. As drag artiste Donna says in the film, ‘It’s okay to be different. Embrace it.’

Featuring a wonderful mix of heritage footage from 70’s protests and discos to vintage shots of ‘pipe-smoking lesbians’, the film covers the ways LGBT+ people have fought for change over the last 60 years and beyond. It also features a series of moving interviews with people of all ages across the LGBT+ spectrum, documenting the complex journey from the repressive, closeted expectations of a post-war society to the wider acceptance of Pride celebrations today.

Tusko were keen to use their talents to get this amazing community’s story seen by people who may not be aware of it, creating a platform for increased LGBT+ visibility and a space for open-minded discussions. They included stories from all ages, backgrounds and across the whole spectrum of the LGBT+ community.

“At Tusko we really enjoy working on films about under-represented communities”, says Jake, Tusko’s CEO. “Films like ‘Talking LGBT+’ help support diversity and freedom of expression. It’s really important we help amplify voices and shift perspectives to a more open-minded and compassionate way of being. This is made easier with great soundtrack and amazing characters.”

The film, made in partnership with Bristol24/7, was shown on the large outdoor screens in Millenium Square during the city’s Pride celebrations, which saw up to 36,000 attendees.

It also was seen by many more people across Bristol, including screenings at arts venues the Arnolfini and Watershed cinema. A copy of the film has been donated to the Bristol Archives and there are plans to show the film in schools across Bristol.

Watch it right here, right now.

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