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Taiwan_GayA Taiwanese man who is engaged in a battle to legalize his same-sex union vowed to continue the fight for same-sex marriage rights, after a Taipei court said today it will consider seeking a constitutional interpretation on his case.

“We regret the outcome, but respect the court’s decision,” said Nelson Chen, 40, at a press conference.

At a hearing of the case brought by Chen and his partner Kao Chih-wei, the Taipei High Administrative Court said earlier in the day that it might consider a constitutional interpretation on whether gay couples should be allowed to register as married couples.

In response, Chen said the court’s position on the case was regrettable.

“Taiwan is a country that respects human rights. Why do we need a constitutional interpretation?” Chen asked.

He said he and Kao “will not give up” their pursuit of legal marriage.

Their absence from the court hearing Thursday was a deliberate choice, he said.

“We already exist. Our happiness is a fact. Why do we need to stand in front of judges and let somebody else decide our happiness?” he asked.

Nonetheless, if the case is brought before the Council of Grand Justices, Chen said, gay rights activists, lawyers, he and his partner should be given an opportunity to voice their opinions to the council.

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