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To round up Bisexual Awareness Week, Ann Summers carried out a survey of their customer base regarding their views on bisexuality and bi-curiosity. 

Results from the survey show the prevalence of bisexuality in modern day life, with 80% of respondents having acted on feelings of bi-curiosity and a further 10% having had bisexual feelings at some stage in their life. 

The survey also highlighted the worries bisexual or bi-curious people may feel in regards to being judged for so-called indecision with 61% saying they fear the indecisive label. A further 45% surveyed say they fear the characterisation of ‘promiscuous’ which is often attributed to bisexual individuals.

Senior Manager at Ann Summers, Laura Whittaker says “Bisexual Awareness Week is an important time for us all to speak out and open up the conversation to help normalise bisexuality in society. Our research has found that most of us experience some sort of bisexual or bi-curious feelings at some point, proving just how commonplace this.”

The overall feelings and attitudes towards bisexuality and bi-curiosity from the survey are shown to be positive, with 70% of recipients believing bisexual individuals lead a more enlightened life, with 65% labelling bisexuality as ‘open’ and ‘free’. 

Ann Summers’ survey is partnered with an in-depth fact-sheet on bi-curiosity in particular, an often much maligned term. The information provided is an excellent resource for those who may feel overwhelmed by their newfound feelings and desires.

Explaining what it means to be bi-curious, the fact-sheet states “To be bi curious can simply be explained as having an interest in sharing a sexual experience with someone of the same gender. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re bisexual or homosexual.”

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The fact-sheet offers reassuring advice on how people can identify in a world that is transfixed on labels, explaining ‘There can be so much pressure surrounding sex and sexuality, but the important thing is to take things at your own pace and let it mean whatever you want it to! Remember that being bi-curious isn’t necessarily a change of sexual orientation, it can be purely sexual.’

On the other hand, Ann Summers acknowledges that exploring your bi-curiosity may act as a “gateway” into an identity change if you so choose, yet there is still no pressure.

“Of course, this doesn’t mean that you’d have to ‘qualify’ to be bisexual by going through bi-curiosity first. When you know, you know. It’s always important to remember that these are just labels people use for convenience. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to your own sexuality and not everything needs a label on it!”

Laura continues, “Despite many bisexual people expecting negative feelings towards them, the real truth is that, by and large, society views bisexual people as enlightened and free. We’re proud to support that message.”

Ann Summers finish up their campaign to raise awareness during Bisexuality Week by providing a sex positive list of toys for your first bisexual sexual experience. Click here for more.

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