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As we reported here back in March, the sex industry has been doing rather well during lockdown. Makes sense really: if you’re not allowed outside the front door you need to make your own entertainment and there are only so many reruns of Queer Eye you can watch without climbing the walls. Not that we don’t love Queer Eye, of course we do, but even we can have too much of a good think.

One sex toy company with a bit of a difference has also been doing rather well so let’s get to know them a little better.

Founded on New Year’s Eve 2019, Black Honey Toys is an online adult shop which specialises in sex toys and other erotic products that reflect black sexuality and skin tones. In an industry dominated by mainstream Eurocentric standards of beauty, BHT has created a unique retail space with their carefully selected inventory and their mission is to provide a retail experience which makes shoppers feel empowered and represented. 

Here’s the Zaddy – a 9″ vibrating strap on with remote

”Black people – both singles and couples of all sexual orientations, enjoy shopping for sex toys just as much as any other group but the retail experience often leaves people feeling less valued” says Mac Arthur, Co-Founder and CEO of Black Honey Toys. 

“Seeing yourself reflected in your retail experience can be empowering and uplifting; just as the scarcity of products which reflect you and your values can have the opposite effect. We are championing the idea that online sex toy shops should be more racially inclusive in their store displays and product range.” 

Black Honey Toys is here for you – whether you are a black person looking for pleasure enhancing toys which reflect your skin colour, or you are of any other colour and have a particular preference for such toys. 

Instagram: @blackhoneytoys 

Twitter: @BlackHoneyToys 

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