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Valentine’s day is a day on which many people celebrate their love. But not everybody gets to celebrate their love equally.

So this Sunday, please Come Out for Love by sharing this photo and their hashtag #IComeOutforLove

#IComeOutForLove ILGA Europe

So why are they doing this?

In Switzerland a referendum will take place on 28 February. People can vote to define marriage as an union between a man and a woman in law.
Trans people – 29 European countries must divorce prior to getting their gender legally recognised.
In Slovenia, an opposition group mobilised successfully to overturn marriage equality legislation through a referendum last December.
The Italian Senate is still discussing whether to finally adopt civil partnership for same-sex couples. Same-sex couples have been waiting for years to get their love recognised.

But love is strong and love can win.

In Ireland an overwhelming majority of people last year voted in favour marriage equality. Last November the first same-sex couple got married.
Earlier this week, the first same-sex couple in Cyprus got recognised.

During their Annual Conference in Greece last October all major parties in parliament expressed support to a same-sex partnership bill, which was adopted in December.

Together, the ILGA-Europe movement can make a difference. This Sunday it will send a strong message of support to LGBTI people in all countries who are still fighting to get their love recognised.

ILGA-Europe is right behind activists all year round, helping activists build effective strategies and campaigns to make love win in their countries. By bringing people together, providing resources and expertise, we can win love together.

And you can help too. Come Out for Love.

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