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lesbian_mothersA new study conducted by the Williams Institute in the United States has proved that children of lesbian couples are both happy and academically successful.

The report will come as no surprise to the LGBT community, but is in direct contrast to a report by Mark Regnerus who claimed that children of same sex parents were worse off than those raised heterosexual couples.

The report says:

The 17-year-olds participating in the longest-running study of lesbian families had high school GPAs in the A- to B+ range, and nearly all planned to attend four-year colleges. These adolescents had strong family bonds, and they were nearly unanimous in describing their mothers as good role models. They also reported having numerous close friends—generally with same-age peers who were predominantly heterosexual. Most of the teens felt comfortable bringing friends home, informing friends about their mothers’ lesbianism and confiding in their mothers.

“We have been following these families for 26 years,” said Principal Investigator Nanette Gartrell, MD, distinguished visiting scholar at the Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law. “These kids were planned and their lesbian mothers were very engaged in parenting. At the end of high school, the teens tell us that they have excellent grades, feel connected to their families and friends, and admire their parents. As a psychiatrist, I can say that these are the types of childrearing outcomes that every parent hopes for.

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