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studentsA staggering 76% of students and recent graduates still have concerns about workplace equality in graduate roles within UK companies.

A recent study conducted by Boutique Marketing for the UK’s leading equality and inclusion jobs event, the DIVERSITY CAREERS SHOW, happening in London this weekend, surveyed over 200 students and recent graduates from diverse backgrounds including sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender and disability from the UK’s top 20 Russell Group Universities.

The research showed that the final year students interviewed have serious concerns about their diversity at interview stage.

> 63% of students from ethnic backgrounds believed that their ethnicity could affect their ability to secure a job

> 89% of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBTs) would hide their sexual orientation, in a hypothetical situation of it being brought up during an interview

> 82% of students with physical disabilties believed that their disability is a serious barrier in the selection/recruitment process as compared to other candidates

78% of final year students believed their diversity still pose a barrier to entry, although companies are promoting equality and inclusion within their organisations

Relatively, these beliefs were pretty much echoed by new grads, who have more experience of the recruitment process and are about to enter the workforce.

> 58% of new grads from ethnic backgrounds believed that their may be issues around ‘fitting in’ at their new job

> 84% of LGBTs stated they would struggle being ‘out at work’ in their early career

> 68% of LGBTs believed that having their sexuality open may impair their prospect for promotion

>73% of new grads believed that they would their career paths will be more challenging because of their diversity.

>76% of all respondents believed that homophobia and racism is still rife in the UK workplace.

>68% of all respondents believed organisations needed to do more to narrow the equality gap

Other interesting points to note:

A staggering 83% of respondents believed that gender inequality was still rife. 58% of these were male respondents.

Interesting qualitative discussions arose around the issue of “double glass ceilings” and especially among lesbian respondents – but also those who are gay and of non-caucasian ethnicity.

The Diversity Careers Show is taking place at the Grand Connaught Rooms on Friday 19th October. Registration for the show is free online

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