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stuartwalkerMurdered barman Stuart Walker’s funeral took place last week with many of the towns with 1000 of the town of Cumnocks inhabitants in attendance.

The popular barman was found dead near an industrial estate last month with “horrible” injuries, after he had been beaten and set fire to.

The vicar, Reverend Patterson said Stuart’s death was: “one of the darkest in Cumnock’s recent history”.

Mr Walker’s sister, Julie was in attendance, she said: “You were our ray of sunshine when you were here.  And now you will forever be our brightest star, watching over us.”

During the funeral procession through the town, 600 mourners followed the hearse through to the cemetery.

18-year-old Ryan Esquierdo who was arrested in connection to Mr Walker’s death has now been charged with murder, theft, and attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Mr Esquierdo is to make his second appearance at Ayr Sheriff Court this week, and he remains in police custody.

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