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stickerLondon’s East End has recently been the subject of a homophobic attack, as stickers reading ‘gay free zone’ have been found plastered across various parts of the district. A group of residents have taken a stand however, by retaliating with their own stickers of love.

A mix of gay and straight friends have designed their own stickers, containing inspirational quotes from figures such as Anne Frank, that also declare, “Help Yourself to LOVE”.

The initial attack has been connected to Islamic groups in the East End due to a message on the stickers reading, “Arise and Warn. Gay free zone. Verily Allah is severe in punishment”, but investigators are not ruling out the actions of a far-right white hate group who may be looking to cause friction between local Islamic and LGBT communities.

The ‘love’ campaigners are hoping to gain the support of local gay-friendly businesses and organisations. They will be meeting at Shoreditch Town Hall on Friday 25 February at 18.00 to discuss further ideas.

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