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A quick way to update your home is to refresh your blinds or replace curtains with blinds. BlindsCo, a leader in hand-made luxury blinds, reveals that restyling a home interior doesn’t always require huge investment of money or effort. 27 years of experience, makes BlindsCo qualified to identify that simply changing the blinds revamps any room, giving it a brand new look and a fresh feel.

Windows naturally attract attention and have a huge influence on how the entire interior is perceived: from how much light they let into the room to what decorations they have. The style and colour choices of window treatments can shift the mood of the room, making it either more cozy and dimmed, or more office-like and bright. 

“At BlindsCo, we understand the customer’s home design requests when choosing blinds,” says James Marsh, BlindsCo Marketing Manager. “In addition to the safety standards of our products, we pay special attention to the range of designs and the innate quality of the materials, providing a huge selection of colours and textures.”

Based on the interior space, different types of blinds should be chosen. For example, vertical blinds work perfectly in modern kitchens and office spaces. These popular blinds offer a balance between adding warmth and colour with managing light control. Vertical lines visually elongate the windows, drawing the eye up to accentuate height, while adding a minimalist touch. BlindsCo vertical blinds use ace or top fix brackets and a mono control wand rather than cords, providing a peace of mind that comes with the highest UK safety standards.

For smaller rooms, white or light-coloured blinds are recommended to visually broaden the space and add extra light even on the gloomiest of days. On the other hand, if the home design is more traditional or incorporates wooden elements, a popular choice is the wooden venetian blinds. Wooden blinds are also a great option for areas where the humidity is high, since these withstand any potential weather warping. 

For those who want a major change in home design house, consider coloured blinds. Adding a splash of bright colour to any room alters the entire mood: from more calming neutral tones, to creating a more uplifting mood with warm and bright colours. Roller blinds are perfectly suited to this purpose: their thick high-quality material can partly filter or fully block the light. No matter what the design goal is, whether to unify the interiors across the whole home, or make some certain room stand out, BlindsCo offers a variety of made-to-measure bespoke options. 

BlindsCo Ltd are dedicated to the highest quality, both in the products they sell and the customer service they provide. BlindsCo offers free samples to all customers so that they can be sure about texture, colours and materials when selecting the perfect blinds. Built entirely within the UK, BlindCo made-to-measure blinds are all created by hand for a personalised product in every customer’s home.

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