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Australian capital cities are organising Pride marches against Trump and Turnbull, starting with Melbourne.

Melbourne readers! Before you head out this Sunday night of the long weekend to party with your lover and your queer family, we humbly suggest that you head on over to the State Library of Victoria at 1pm to march in the Melbourne contingent of the “Pride March on Trump,” which will be happening at various locations all around the world this weekend.

The idea for the event came from Washington, where LGBT citizens and allies are taking a stand against Trump’s homophobic, transphobic policies, and will march on the Whitehouse for LGBTI rights.

Melbourne’s march, organised by the National Union of Students LGBTI, will not be saving its wrath just for Trump, and will keep a special core of its anger and passion pointed at PM Malcolm Turnbull.

Trump Melbourne

The organizers explain, “Here in Australia, we have the likes of Margaret Court, Malcolm Turnbull and Pauline Hanson who promote the sort of bigotry and hate that has defined the Trump presidency so far.

Solidarity marches organised by the National Union of Students LGBTI department and supported by Equal Love will be taking place across Australia this Sunday to support and spread the message of global equality.

We will march in solidarity not only with those opposing Trump in the US, but also with LGBTI people in Chechnya facing brutal repression, and LGBTI people everywhere who are still not free and equal (including in Australia).”

Trump melbourne

Marches will also take place in other capital cities in Australia, all of which are outlined here.

Come on friends, let’s put our money where are mouth is, and prove that the age of apathy is over. The time to fight is now!

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