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House maintenance is actually simple yet some people still struggle with heavy repair bills every year. Here are a few things you can do to optimise home maintenance and get ready for the change of seasons.

Clear Out The Drains

The drainage system is important in every environment. Especially when you are transitioning from the summer to the winter, ensure that the drains are completely clear and that any snow or rain will easily find its way out. Go through all the drains to check that the drain opening is clear and there is no internal blockage.

Change Fan Rotation

Most people don’t know that the humble ceiling fan rotates in two directions. The counterclockwise rotation is for summertime while the clockwise rotation is for winter. The fan’s winter rotation helps reduce your overall energy bill as it dissipates heat across the room more efficiently. If you have one of these in every room, you can reduce your heating bill and get a cosier environment just by changing rotations.

Renew Warranty

Before the season changes, you should check up with your warranty provider. This is to verify if any of the damages in your house are covered by the warranty you have. In addition, have a look at the product warranty before you purchase a home warranty plan so that you can include as many items as possible in your new purchase. This way, all your assets will be covered for the year to come and you can start worry-free. You might also want to claim a warranty for things that are getting repaired or replaced before you purchase a new warranty plan.

Flush Out The Water Heater

The time has come to fire up the old water heater, but give it a good flush before you do. You could do a water heater flush at any time of the year but definitely do it before the winter sets in. A good flush of the system will help wash out any toxins that might have built up, it will reveal any corrosion that might be taking place and it will be a check for all the allied systems. Ideally, you should also wash out any safety valves and pressure release systems that you have in place.

Trim The Trees

The biggest problem with trees is that when the leaves fall they easily block drains and this can cause a plumbing nightmare. If you also experience a lot of snow in your area, it is a good idea to trim the branches so there is less chance of them falling over when it starts to snow. This is also a vital step to protect your solar panels if you have any on the roof.

Go Through Electricals

A lot of times we plug the phone into a socket but it won’t charge. This could be due to a power-related problem with that socket or something wrong with the mainboard. As you are going through the rest of the house and fixing things, consider repairing the dead sockets and sorting out the house’s electrical supply. This is usually a quick fix but it goes a long way in improving the safety and reliability of the home’s electrical system.

Being handy around the house is great, but if you aren’t, ensure that you get someone qualified for the job. Getting work done through people who aren’t authorized to do so can void the warranty for your products and can turn out to be more expensive than it needs to be.

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