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Organising and hosting a singles event can be a great money-maker for venues like bars, pubs and restaurants. It is vital to make the events interactive and fun to ensure your attendees have the chance to talk and make meaningful connections.  

You should consider all elements of the event before it goes ahead. Find ways to make things fun and playful to ensure your guests have the best possible time. Here are some of the best ways to make a singles event fun and exciting.  

Ensure there is demand 

You could do some market research to determine whether a singles event will be popular in your local area. Put out feelers on social media and send a survey out to your mailing list to see what kind of interest you get.  

Use targeted ads 

Ads can be a great way to ensure good attendance for your event. You should take advantage of social media advertising to reach a massive pool of potential attendees quickly and easily. Marketing and advertising can be tricky things to get right, so it may help to enlist the services of a marketing agency to ensure you get the most out of your ad campaign.  

Keep it small 

Avoid making your singles event too large, as this can make it feel impersonal and intimidating. The smaller the event, the better attendees will be able to get to know one another. You don’t want your guests to feel too spoiled for choice.  

Print t-shirts 

T-shirts can be a fun way to get your attendees excited about the event. You could set up a small merch stall in your venue selling various branded items of clothing. Ensure you choose fun slogans and designs for the t-shirts to encourage purchases. It would help if you also looked for a quality t-shirt wholesaler to print your t-shirts, such as Screen Textiles, which offers competitive rates on bulk t-shirt purchases and quality printing and embroidery.  

Curate the playlist 

The playlist for your singles event can make all the difference to your guests’ enjoyment of the evening. It is a delicate balancing act between flirty, fun music and romantic songs. Avoid relying too heavily on either one and ensure the music isn’t so loud that it makes conversation difficult – after all, your aim is to help bring people together.  

Create custom cocktails 

Making custom cocktails for the event can be a great choice. Create cocktails and mocktails using various ingredients to appeal to a broad range of tastes. You could even hire a mixologist just for the event to make it feel even more special.  

Make playful nametags 

Nametags can make breaking the ice even easier for your attendees. You could use the classic “Hi, my name is…” name tag which combines practicality and fun. You could also set up a nametag station where guests can decorate their nametag and let their personalities shine.  

Play games 

Anyone who has been on a first date knows that things can easily get awkward. Setting up some games for attendees can help ensure they have something to focus on if the conversation doesn’t always flow easily. You could offer a mix of group activities like musical chairs and games for pairs or small groups like chess or Jenga.

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