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Jesusa Fidel Ventura Reyes was tortured, killed and then beheaded  on the night of 18th May Flores in the Mexican state of Veracruz.

The situation for trans people in Mexico continues to deteriorate with the grisly murder of a trans woman, known locally as Chucha, on Monday night. According to police sources, Chucha’s severed head was placed on the steps of the town hall with her body being discovered on a nearby street. Her distressed family identified her body on 20th May.

Violence against the trans community in Mexico and other Central American countries is prompting many to seek sanctuary in the United States, with several people being detained in American isolation centres at the behest of the United States border authorities.

Chucha is the second trans murder victim in Veracruz in less than a month; Becky Reyna was shot and killed at a family reunion in April.

Mexican trans Jazz activist Bustamante took to Facebook to highlight the hatred in Mexico “rising every day against our population . I strongly condemn this fact and demand that the three governmental powers act in the face of these facts “

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