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In June 2020, the Romanian parliament debated a proposal to ban “activities aimed at spreading gender identity theory or opinion” in educational settings. The proposal defined “gender identity theory” as a belief that “gender is a concept that is different than the biological sex and the two are not always the same.” 

Fortunately, the law did not pass, but LGBTQ+ people – and especially the trans community – continue to face prejudice and harassment. The ban on any discussion about gender identity would not only have taken away freedom of speech, but could have greatly affected the mental and physical health of transgender, non-binary and intersex young people.

A Romanian in London

Which leads us to the upcoming short film Dani-El, the story of a young Romanian in London coming to terms with their gender identity and starring Catalina Croitoru in the titular role. The story also touches on the sensitive topic of immigration and reflects the need for acceptance and freedom that underlines so many people’s uprooting. Films in the Romanian language that explore LGBTQIA+ issues are very scarce indeed, which is why we’ve got together with the producers to ask for your help.

The producers have just launched an Indiegogo campaign to help finance the shoot and even if you have only a few pounds to spare, you can help tell this important story. Supporters can also trouser a host of Dani-El goodies, including a copy of the film upon release plus a signed script, digital photographs from the film, exclusive behind the scenes footage, a personal invitation to the wrap party (they’re ALWAYS fun), a credit as associate producer and an invitation to the cast and crew screening. And if you donate at least £10 by the end of July, you can even get your name in the film’s on-screen credits.

A more beautiful film

Your contribution will help to amplify the voices of marginalised communities, especially for the LGBTQ+ groups in Romania whose voices often go unheard. More funding means better equipment which will result in an even more beautiful film! 

Find out more about the Indiegogo campaign here.

Watch the trailer.

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