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MollieOlginPolice investigating the shooting of two teenage lesbians in a small town in Texas have said so far there is no evidence that the girls were targeted because they were lesbians.

“A motive in this case has not been established,” Portland, Texas, Police Chief Randy Wright said in a statement released on Tuesday. “However, there is no current evidence to indicate the attacks were motivated by that relationship.”

Mollie Judith Olgin, 19, of Ingleside, Texas, died after being shot in the neck at a park in Portland, a Gulf Coast town about eight miles north of Corpus Christi. Her death has been ruled a homicide, according to preliminary autopsy results.

Her girlfriend, Mary Kristene Chapa, who was shot in the head, survived the attack and is in critical but stable condition in hospital. Chapa is now able to open her eyes, and has started communicating via clipboard and sign language. She has little feeling on the left side of her body, according to the victim’s brother, Hilario Chapa, who spoke to MSNBC. She will be in the intensive care unit for the foreseeable future.

Hilario also told MSNBC reporters, “I do believe she knows what’s happened, but she hasn’t chosen to talk (about) it on her own. I’m under the impression that she doesn’t know who did it.” He went on to say that he “thinks she’s pissed about what happened to her and I think she’s ready to get up and take off walking if she could.”

“The doctors say it’s too early, no one is using the word paralyzed,” he said. “They say we should be so happy with her progress after three or four days. She’s very strong. She survived a very tough ordeal but her recovery is coming in strides and impressing everybody.”

A makeshift memorial was constructed on the spot where they were found.

Chapa has also communicated interest in Mollie’s condition. She has written her name down a few times, but her family fears a medical setback if they tell her that Mollie didn’t make it. “I’m kind of afraid,” Hilario said. “She is in such a fragile state right now.”

A We Pay donation page has been started to collect donations for Chapa’s hospital bills, as she has no medical insurance. They have collected $21, 756 so far, the page can be found here

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