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20090611052623Due to popular demand Shanghai Pride will be celebrated in June due to popular demand, having spent the last four years in October.

The organisers announced the week-long festival, China’s only Pride celebration, will run from 16 to 23 June, to take advantage of the warmer weather, reported Gay Star News.

As any public gathering of more than 50 people without state approval is illegal in China, there will not be a parade, but there will be a family-orientated pink picnic, parties, film nights and a panel discussion.

‘We don’t know who will be on the panel discussion this year,’ one of the organisers of Shanghai Pride, Charlene Liu. ‘But definitely it’s going to be about LGBT issues in China. I think that’s important, because we are in China.’

During 2009’s Shanghai Pride some of the venues received intimidating visits from the police threatening to close them down if they hosted LGBT events, leading to many pulling out of their commitments at the last minute. To get around this, venues were not announced until just be for the events at last year’s Pride and there were no problems with venues pulling out. The Shanghai Pride website was blocked, however, claims Gay Star News.

Profits raised from Shanghai Pride 2012 will go towards setting up an LGBT center for the city.

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