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Sexology Clinic in Copenhagen has been offering hormone treatment to minors.

It is claimed more than twice as many minors as expected have expressed a desire to change their gender in 2016.

Since January, the Sexology Clinic in Copenhagen has offered hormone treatment to minors who feel like they were born in the wrong body.

Linda Thor Pedersen, a spokesperson for LGBT Danmark, told the news agency Ritzau: “The large number of requests in the Nordic countries is because we have been very late in starting treatment.

“Many more children can now get help to clarify whether they want treatment and receive the treatment at a time when puberty hasn’t yet harmed them,” she added.

Pedersen said that the onset of puberty brings on changes to the body that can make it much harder for those who want to change their gender.

The clinic expected that around 50 minors would take advantage of opportunity to change their gender, but that number was passed in just six months and the annual estimate was increased to 130, reported The Local.

In Denmark, children as young as 12 can receive hormone suppressors, also known as puberty blockers. The effects of the blockers are reversible.

Once minors reach the age of 16, they can receive full hormone treatment that is mostly irreversible.

Moeller Mortensen, deputy chairman of Parliament’s Health Committee, said Denmark has lost patience with the World Health Organisation, which has come under pressure to stop classifying transgender identity as mental disorder in its clinical guidelines.

The Tavistock clinic, the only gender identity clinic for children in England, has experienced referral increases of around 50 per cent each year since 2010-11.


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