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A woman famous for giving Barbie dolls “makeunders” created the family to publicise support for Australian marriage equality

Betty Strachan-Otter, owner of All the Little Dolls, created the family to show support for marriage equality in Australia. Her post comes ahead of the postal vote on same-sex marriage which is currently taking place across the country.

She posted a picture of the female, same-sex family on Instagram earlier this week alongside the hashtags: “#loveislove #gaymarriage #samesexcouples“.

In the past, the Australian has created pregnant and breastfeeding dolls with the aim of creating more realistic portrayals of women.

One of the dolls she sells through her online store, Claudia, is described as a “natural beauty” doll who: “has always possessed a love of the arts.”

“I like to use my dolls to depict scenes containing positive affirmations to those who can relate to them,” she told the Daily Mail in Australia.

“Personally I’m saddened that there even needs to be a debate on same-sex marriage. Nobody worries about who you love when you’re in a committed straight relationship so why should same-sex couples need to be treated any differently?”

Currently, lesbian and gay couples in Australia are excluded from marriage. Tiernan Brady, Executive Director of The Equality Campaign, speaking of the vote said:

“We are in it to win it. We are committed to doing all in our power to ensure that the long-held wish of the Australian people for marriage equality for all Australians is reflected in the results of the survey.

“This is a vote about the worth, dignity and status of members of our family, friends, workmates, and neighbours, and across the country, people are standing up for them.”

Australians have until the 7th of November to post their ballot papers with results expected on November 15th. #VoteYes!

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