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smartAn Scottish minister has resigned in a row over gay members of the clergy being appointed to leadership roles in the church.

The Rev Dominic Smart has announced he will officially resign from the Church of Scotland.

The minister of Gilcomston South Church on Aberdeen’s Union Street will break away from the Kirk over its controversial stance on gay clergy.

Mr Smart hopes that hundreds of members of his current congregation will join him at the new set-up because he believes that God would “not be happy” with gay ministers being allowed in the Church of Scotland. He said he had no choice but to resign from the Kirk.

He said: “What the new congregation believes is that the bible is our supreme authority in matters of life and doctrine.

“It’s quite simple – the bible is very clear that same sex ordination in the ministry is something that God would not be happy with and so that’s what we also believe.

“The decision by the Church of Scotland represented a clear and deliberate move away from the authority of scripture as the word of God and our supreme rule of faith and life.”

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