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parentssmallNew research has been released which finds that 57% of people think same-sex couples make equally good parents as straight couples.

The research has been commissioned by Barnardo’s, the UK’s largest children’s charity. Stonewall have also commissioned work on the matter; Different Families is run from Cambridge University and has discovered that the children of same-sex parents enjoy an equal quality of upbringing as any other children – as well as recognising this fact themselves.

Chief Executive Ben Summerskill commented on both results, stating that ‘This research shows the majority of people view lesbian and gay parents as equal to any other parents.’

There is still some way to go however, as many children with lesbian and gay parents still find themselves the victims of prejudice. Summerskill continues, ‘Some [children] reported experiencing homophobic bullying for having same-sex parents at both primary and secondary school – demonstrating the need to tackle prejudice early-on in education.’ It is a positive start however, and refreshingly the figures are a strong indicator of a wider acceptance.

You can find out more about Stonewall’s Different Families research here:

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