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parentssmallA recent study regarding psychological adjustment has found that children raised by same sex parents accomplish as much and achieve an equal, if not higher standard than those children raised in heterosexual families.

The national longitudinal family study found that children from same-sex families rated significantly higher academically, socially and in the general schooling system due to a happier upbringing.

Christine Minkov, along with her partner Kate, is raising two children and believes there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all way of being a parent. She says that regardless of the parent’s sexuality, successful parenting is about: “love and commitment to the process of raising children.”

Many children raised by same-sex couples may face negativity due to their upbringing, but this criticism and attitude only makes parents commitment to building resilience against such prejudice that much stronger.

With heterosexual couples, pregnancy is often an unintended occurrence, however, in same-sex partnerships, children are often a long awaited and well-planned joyous occasion that result in happy parents who are one hundred percent committed to their children.

Studies like this show that with the right care and commitment, children thrive from a happy home environment, regardless of who raised them.


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