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The charter has five principles for those delivering sport in Scotland to sign up to. 

RYA Scotland has signed the Scottish LGBT Sports Charter as part of the Equality Network’s goal, to be a country where everyone can take part, enjoy and succeed in sport at all levels whatever their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Boating in Scotland has a wide reach and James Allan CEO of RYA Scotland states, “Equality is at the core of what we do at RYA Scotland. It is part of our values as an open and inclusive sport. This LGBT charter is a natural progression of our commitment to equality throughout the boating community in Scotland.”

The charter has five principles for those delivering sport in Scotland to sign up to.

1. Take steps to actively involve LGBT people in sport and visibly support LGBT inclusion and equality.

2. Challenge homophobic and transphobic behaviour and ensure a positive and welcoming sporting environment for LGBT participants.

3. Develop policies and practices that are inclusive, informed by a better understanding of the issues and barriers for LGBT people and by taking advantage of training.

4. Work to further include trans people in sport by understanding the differing needs for trans participants and begin to reduce the barriers which prevent trans people from taking part in sport in their acquired gender.

5. Strive to make continuous improvements to greater include LGBT people in Scottish sport.

To find out more about the charter visit:

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