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RupertEverettThe openly gay actor Rupert Everett has once again caused controversy after telling an interviewer recently that he stands by his warning to gay actors that coming out could jeopardize their careers.

While straight actors are allowed to play gay, the opposite is not true, Everett tells HARDtalk’s Stephen Sakur, saying many Hollywood professionals were uncomfortable putting him in heterosexual roles.

Everett also bemoans American theatre operators, who he says are associated with the right wing. Maybe most convincingly, Everett notes that actors have become their own brands, selling perfumes and starring in commercials.

“That means shareholders, so the mainstream actor has had to become straighter and straighter,” Everett says.

He goes on to say: “”The structure of Hollywood, the whole of Hollywood…I’m also talking about theatre. The theatre owning community is another fairly right wing organization. Since Reaganism, it becomes possibly worse for an actor to come out.”

Recently Everett also alienated the gay community when he came out against gay parenting.

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