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Rupaul megastar, Katya says she’s battling her former drug addiction and struggling with mental health issues.

Brian Cook previously announced on his Instagram account that he’s taking a break from drag ‘because of the drugs, because of all the gigs.’

Speaking in fluent French, he said “There is no emergency. But I needed to take a little break. It was time to take a vacation, because my health, the drugs, my brain, that wasn’t good.”

Watch Brian Cook as Katya giving his most unpredictable interview ever backstage at the Troxy, London.

Brian has increasingly expressed frustration with his drag alter ego. In the Insta live, he said: “I am not crazy, you understand of course. I’m a language student first, an artist second, a drag queen third. Health is the most important thing for me.


“Right now, this is not a crisis. I’m taking a vacation for me. I need to take a vacation. The sun is there, I’m happy. My health is here, I’m happy.

“I need to take a vacation because I’m tired, I’m exhausted, my brain doesn’t work anymore, because of the drugs, because of all the gigs, I believe you understand. We’ll see, and I wish you a good day. Bye bye.”

Katya’s WOW co-host and podcast sidekick Trixie Mattel has remained largely silent on Katya’s revelations, only retweeting one post from mutual friend and drag legend, Jackie Beat.

Katya recently told Gay Times she was feeling a little stretched by the worldwide RuPaul obsession: “People are not having fun with it anymore which is very strange. And also, people are thinking it’s some legit profession like being a docent at a museum. People are confusing it for a legitimate career path which it absolutely isn’t.”

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