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Emmy Award–winner RuPaul has announced that he is married to his partner of 23 years, Georges LeBar.

RuPaul shared the news on Hollywood Today Live revealing that the pair had been secretly married for months.

After host Ross Matthews asked him if they would ever get married, RuPaul said, “I’ve never said this on television before… We are married!”

They married on LeBar’s birthday, which was also their 23rd anniversary of the night they met.

”I met him on the dance floor at Limelight in 1994 on his birthday, so we got married on his birthday, the anniversary of when we met, this year,” he added.

The host of RuPaul’s Drag Race has always kept their relationship private. And he’s rarely seen in public with LeBar, who is a rancher based in Wyoming.

“He doesn’t care about show business at all. He could care less,” he told the hosts. “Most of the time, he’s on the ranch in Wyoming. He has a 60,000-acre ranch—it’s in two states, it’s in South Dakota, too. When I go there, I dress up in Western wear and nobody cares.”



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