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These tickets are going to sell out fast, so only the most dedicated of fans will get them…

YouTube stars Rose and Rosie are going on tour this year, and it’s set to be epic.

Exposed will see our faves “raw, stripped back and intimate”, and knowing R&R, anything could happen. “Going on tour’s going to be incredible and we can’t wait for our live emotional breakdowns,” they told us. “Sharing that with fans makes us relatable and human, despite being a lot more famous than them.”

Six UK dates have been announced this April, with the girls hitting Cardiff, Dublin, Salford, Glasgow, Birmingham and London. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am, and we know they’re going to be snapped up super quick by you eager beavers. But we really, really, really, really want a ticket too. DIVA have been fans since the beginning. So save us one, please? We’d do anything. Including, but not limited to:

1. Give up the internet

It’s hard to imagine a life without Twitter, Instagram, Netflix and YouTube but we would be willing to step back into the dark ages of the 1990s if it meant a ticket to Exposed. We’d get by – who needs Google when you’ve got Encyclopaedia Brittanica?

2. Walk naked down Oxford Street in January

It would be humiliating. It would be freezing. But the things you do for love, right?

3. Go on BBC News and denounce LGBT people

We might have spent the last 23 years working tirelessly to make the lives of lesbian, bisexual, trans and queer people that little bit better, but we’d go back on all of that in a heartbeat. Selling our souls? Sure, who needs morals?

4. Dump our beau via text

She might be the girl of our dreams, but she’s not Rose and Rosie. Bye, Felicia.

5. Bathe in baked beans for a year

Gross, yes, but worth it.

6. Swim across the English channel

If we can’t see Rose and Rosie live in the UK, we don’t want to be here anyway. So long.

8. Spend the night in a haunted house

Ghosts? Pah. The only thing that scares us is the FOMO we’d get seeing you lot having fun at Exposed without us.

9. Get a Rose and Rosie tattoo

The word Boobies across our foreheads? Go on then.

10. Stay up all night in the hope of being the first in line on Friday

Hang on, that sounds much less painful than these other harebrained schemes. Let’s go with that!

Get your ticket Friday 20 January at 10am via

Tour dates:
April 2017
Sun 23 Cardiff Tramshed
Mon 24 Dublin Vicar St
Tue 25 Salford Lowry Quays Theatre
Wed 26 Glasgow SECC Lomond Auditorium
Thu 27 Birmingham O2 Institute
Fri 28 London O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire


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